School & Community Participation Program

Bring Wheelchair Basketball To Your School Or Program!

If you have a student with a physical disability in your school or community program you can provide that individual as well as their peers with a valuable education and awareness experience. Wheelchair Basketball can be a catalyst for change in your school or community and it is a fun and memorable experience that everyone can enjoy.

Program Description

Sport wheelchairs used for wheelchair basketball are available for rental to your school or community program for use in daily physical education classes, afterschool programs, or special events in the Greater Vancouver area. In addition a BCWBS coach or athlete can come to your program to introduce the sport, and activity ideas to your group.

Teachers or Program Leaders may find this is a great way to offer inclusive programming for students with physical disabilities in your program. This physical activity opportunity is best suited for individuals with good upper body mobility (to allow for catching and passing) and use of a manual chair to ensure a positive sport experience.

Contact BC Wheelchair Basketball to Book

If you are interested in having wheelchair basketball at your school or community program, please contact the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society to learn more about the program, rental fees, and to book a day and time at 604-333-3530 or email

Please Note: This program is currently only offered in Greater Vancouver, Northern BC, and Victoria (Simon Cass - If your program includes individuals with physical disabilities outside of these areas, please contact BCWBS to discuss possible options.