Everyone has the opportunity to be included in wheelchair basketball.


To provide experiences that inspire inclusion, participation and excellence through wheelchair basketball.

Constitution & Bylaws

BCWBS Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)

Value Statements

We Believe

  • Participating in wheelchair basketball enriches people's lives;
  • Wheelchair basketball is a vehicle for social change through public awareness;
  • Quality leadership and coaching is essential for the development of wheelchair basketball;
  • Inclusion within the sport system is fundamental in achieving equity and access;
  • In building partnerships and fostering relationships to promote growth in our sport;
  • In targeting our efforts towards individuals with physical disabilities while supporting the integration of the able-bodied participant;
  • In being member driven and athlete focused;
  • In supporting our members at all levels of the sport continuum while in the pursuit of their individual potential;
  • In valuing our members by acknowledging their efforts and celebrating their achievements;
  • In conducting ourselves with the highest moral and ethical standards;
  • In the value of excellence.

Primary Objectives

  • To encourage the development of, and participation in, wheelchair basketball;
  • To promote awareness of wheelchair basketball in the community;
  • To promote the sport of wheelchair basketball as an integrated activity for all who wish to participate;
  • To provide opportunities for all levels of participation including developmental, recreational, competitive and elite;
  • To encourage and support regional development of wheelchair basketball throughout British Columbia.

Annual Reports