Staff Contact List:

Sian Blyth - Executive Director
Phone: (604) 333-3531
Email: sian (at)

Makiko Harada - Manager of Program Development
Phone: (604) 333-3530
Email: makiko (at)

Nadine Barbisan - Program Coordinator
Phone: (604) 333-3532
Email: programs (at)

Marni Abbott-Peter - Let's Play Director
Phone: (604) 333-3532
Email: marni (at) / info (at)

Simon Cass - Provincial Coach
Phone: (250) 661-2373
Email: simon (at)

Arley Cruthers - Communications Manager
Email: arley (at)

Chris Cruthers - Communications Coordinator
Email: chris (at)

Carrie Linegar - Special Project Manager
Phone: (604) 333-3532
Email: carrie (at)

Nancy Harris - Northern Program Coordinator
Phone: (250) 613-2270


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BC Wheelchair Basketball Society
780 SW Marine Drive,
Vancouver BC V6P 5Y7
Phone: (604) 333-3530 
Fax: 604-326-1229